Hey, welcome to my blog.

For over a decade I have worked in primary education, teaching students aged 4-7. And honestly, since the day I first entered a classroom there has never been a dull moment.

After not quite becoming a star of the stage as I had dreamed of, teaching came into my life when I was seeking a way to pursue my creative talents. Don’t be fooled, being a primary teacher is incredibly challenging in many ways.

Always in search of a new adventure, in 2016 I decided to combine my love of teaching and travelling by moving to Malaysia, to work at an international school. After 5 wonderful years, I returned to the UK in 2021. Currently I work full-time as a class teacher and English lead at an independent preparatory school.

The experiences so far have given me lots to discuss, and the conversation has only just begun…

Spill the Teach is a platform to discuss my passions within education, share classroom practice and build a community.