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Does anyone else love making classroom resources? Although there are a number of great resource sites out there, sometimes it’s not exactly what you envisaged. So it’s time to get creative and make your own. Here are some of the classroom resources that I’ve created and am happy to share with you for free. Simple and effective for in the classroom or remote learning.

Phonics resources

Word Puzzles

This first activity I shared on the gram, and is my go-to for those days when I want something simple to set up. A great morning starter activity to review your target/focus sounds.

phonics word puzzle

How it works

  • Choose some focus words – keep to one focus sound/spelling. (see example above)
  • Mix up the sounds for children to rearrange
  • To support children, you could give provide physical sound cards/cubes/tiles to arrange.

Below is worksheet version for the alternative spellings of /ae/ e.g. <ai> <ay> <a-e> <ea>, you can grab a copy for free.

Another way to adapt this activity is by presenting these slides on-screen, which is great for remote learning. You could also upload them as an independent activity via Seesaw/Classroom etc.

Phonics Bingo

Bingo is another of my favourite simply activities to review word reading. This game always makes me think of my mum, as she loves a good trip to the Bingo hall.

What makes this classroom resource even more exciting for children (and you) is the addition of the random word picker tools that are available free at Online Stopwatch.

How it works

  • Model dividing a mini whiteboard into a grid with 6 spaces
  • Present the page for children to select six words from the list provided
  • Students write one word in each space
  • Use the random word picker to generate a word. You can select individual students to read the selected word or have them all call out the word together.
  • Students can lay a counter/cross off the word.
  • Shout BINGO! when all your words have been called.

For this free classroom resource, I have created three games for the alternative spellings of /ee/ /oe/ and /er/ – including links to the pre-saved word pickers. Which means you can use this game instantly!

Enjoyed these classroom resources?

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